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omg this reminds me of the most adorable time when my friend had leaked in art class and she was tearing up a bit and this guy who’s usually quiet but is judged as a jerk because his friends tend to be jerks gets up and throws red paint on the side of her shorts and on his own shorts and throws a couple of other colors in too and starts a mini paint war and other people joined in and i nearly cried because of how cute it was

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Anonymous asked:

Do you ship Malia and Derek because my friend and I do but NO ONE IN THE TEEN WOLF FANDOM seems to ship them. I just really wish they have a moment together


HI YES OMFG YEP. like, it’d be wayyy to cliche for her to be with Scott or Stiles and Derek hasn’t had any action in a while and well..Malia’s been a werecoyote for around 7 years. They’d be adorable and he can teach her things aND I NEED THIS TO BE A THING

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